On October 28, 1800 Anner Maria Hudson (1800-1892) was born, and was the first settler born in Hudson. She married Harvey Baldwin (1798-1880), a lawyer and would continue to live in Hudson for her entire life. Harvey Baldwin was the son-in-law and successor to David Hudson in his law and real estate business in Hudson next hit, Ohio in the 1800s. Harvey married Anner Maria Hudson next hit on October 6, 1817. They had four children: Anna Norton Baldwin (1818-1825), Harriet Maria Baldwin (1824-1841), Clarissa Miriam Baldwin (1830-1907), Lucy Susanna Baldwin (1843-1860). Over four hundred people came to her 90th birthday celebration at the Congregational Church, which was fully decorate with flowers and portraits of of Anner, her father and her husband Harvey Baldwin.

Four generations of the Hudson family are pictured in this photograph. Anner Maria Hudson Baldwin (1800-1892), town founder David Hudson’s (1761-1836) daughter, is seated at center. To her left is daughter, Clarissa Baldwin Gregory (1830-1852), whose two daughters are shown with their children. Seated at left, Anna Gregory Lee (1858-1903) holds daughter Anna Virginia Lee (1887-1967). Anna’s other children Marjorie (Lee Spencer) (1886-1962) and Edwin Gregory Lee (1885-1969) are seated on the ground. Clarissa’s other daughter Harriet Gregory Whiting (1851-1902) stands at the right with her daughter Helen in the baby carriage.