David Hudson sets out from Goshen, CT on April 22, 1799 with his son Ira (Hudson), Jesse Lindley, William McKinley, Mr. and Mrs. Thaddeus Lacus Lacey and their children, and would go on to hire Joseph Darrow. The group would travel towards East Bloomfield, NY where Birdsey Norton, David Hudson’s business partner lived. The group would go on to split and half of the group, including Ira Hudson, traveled overland with the cattle. David Hudson led the rest of the group via boat towards Lake Erie.

David Hudson wrote extensively about his journey in his diary: “May 22 [1799] Proceeded up the river against the united strength of current and ice with great effort we arrived at Buffalo Creek on the 26th, where we were blocked up with ice at least twelve feet high. In the night of the 26th the ice dissolved, leaving Lake Erie calm and clear but so heavy a swell rolling that we could not go until the 29th when we had an almost perfectly still lake for three days, during which time we rowed from Buffalo to Elk Creek, a distance of one hundred and twenty miles.”

David Hudson, Copy of a journal of David Hudson, Esquire, of Goshen, Litchfield County, Connecticut, and the Northwestern Territory now the state of Ohio, in the year of our Lord 1799, Transcribed by J.F. Waring.