On October 12, 1799 setting up an outpost and completing a land survey, David Hudson along with his son Ira and two other traveled back to Goshen, CT to gather a group of permeant settlers. They would be joined by David Hudson’s wife Anna Norton (1761-1816) along with six of their remaining children, Heman Oviatt, Joel Gaylord, Allen Gaylord, Dr. Moses Thompson, Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Bishop–and their four sons David, Luman, Reuben and Joseph, Stephen Perkins, Joseph and George Darrow, Mrs. And Mrs. Elijah Nobel and their infant son, Miss Ruth Gaylord, Miss Ruth Bishop and “three Vermonters named Stafford, Williams and Derrick.” In January of 1800 the settlers left Goshen, CT and would arrive in Hudson on May 28, 1800.