House History

58 Owen Brown Street was the home of an early teacher and master brick mason John Willis Humiston (1812-1891), who expressed the Greek Revival style in brick in his home. The Humiston family and three additional apprentice brick makers lived here at one time. Humiston had a busy time teaching school and was known to have given a valedictory address in 1846. During the twentieth century, the home came into the hands of the Graber family. Frank Graber (1862-1921) was a Swiss immigrant. The Graber family owned the home until 1984 when the home underwent a major renovation. The home boasts an original exposed brick beehive oven in the kitchen.

House Facts:
  • House Name Owen Willys Humiston House
  • Address 58 Owen Brown Street
  • Architect Willys Humiston
  • Architectural Style Greek Revival
  • Materials Brick
  • Year Built 1853

Download the house report for more information, courtesy of Hudson Heritage Association