Manuscript Collection

The manuscript collection at the Hudson Library & Historical Society consists of more than 200 unique collections documenting the history of Hudson, Ohio, from its founding in 1799 to today. A full list of the collections, which includes links to some of the online inventories, is available below.

Some of the highlights of the manuscript collection include:

  • One of the nation’s largest collections of materials about famed abolitionist John Brown and the Brown family.
  • Papers of the founding families of Hudson, including David Hudson and the Hudson family.
  • Papers of prominent Hudson families and citizens.
  • Records of local organizations such as the Hudson Garden Club and the League of Women Voters.
  • Records of local churches, including the First Congregational Church of Hudson.
  • Businesses and corporation records, including Terex and the Flood company.
  • Extensive photograph collection of the Hudson area and surrounding regions.
  • Historic house reports – research reports of many historic homes in the area documenting the architectural features and ownership history.

Most of the collections have finding aids (inventories) of collection contents to aid in retrieval. Many finding aids are available online through the OhioLINK Finding Aid Repository or through a link from the collection in the library’s catalog. A full list of all manuscript collections (below) includes a link to those collections with an online finding aid. 

CollectionFinding Aid (If Available)
All Aboard Hudson
This collection contains records for the All Aboard Hudson organization, which was formed by Hudson citizens in 2005 in order to prevent the demolition of the Hudson Railroad Depot. The collection includes detailed architectural drawings and historical reports on the Hudson depot, correspondence regarding the relocation effort, as well as a historical narrative on railroads in Ohio from 1850-1960.
American Legion, Lee Bishop Post No. 464 records
This collection contains the records and the charter of the American Legion, Lee Bishop Post No. 464 of Hudson, Ohio.
Finding aid available online
Orissa Andrews Read Sketch Book
A sketch book of botanical drawings by Orissa Andrews Read
Finding aid available online
Caroline Baldwin Babcock papers
Papers of Caroline Baldwin Babcock, civic leader of Hudson, Ohio, and founder of Hudson Library & Historical Society
Finding aid available online
Donald Barlow papers
Materials related to Donald Barlow's tenure in office as a Trustee of Hudson Township and other government service. Files include correspondence, planning, annexation and merger, Green Plan and 1966 Consolidation Study, zoning, clocktower, Bicentennial and Terex.
Janet Barlow papers
A collection of family photos and papers pertaining to the Case-Barlow Farm.
Finding aid available online
William M. Beebe, Jr papers
United States Bicentennial, Hudson
Bishop Family Papers
Original copies of instruments (deeds, will, contracts, and other agreements) belonging to the Bishop family.
Brewster family papers
This collection contains the personal correspondences and business documents of the Anson Brewster family, as well as personal correspondences of Dr. Israel Town and Lucy White Town. Anson's wife, Sally White Brewster, was the sister of Lucy White Town, who married Hudson's first doctor, Israel Town. Also included in this collection are six daguerreotype photographs, two journals, and the manuscript of a fictional account of the Brewster family's life.
Mary Brewster Wolcott receipt book
Handwritten recipe book belonging to Mary B. Wolcott (1868-1955), daughter of Hudson, Ohio, pioneer Anson Brewster, Jr.
Brown Family Association reunion records
Records of the Brown Family Association reunion, includes reunion letters and regrets, historian reports, programs and pamphlets, miscellaneous notes, reunion scrapbooks, postcards, newspaper clippings, minute book, and correspondence.
Brown-Gee Collection
Charles Brocton Brown collection
Jeremiah Root Brown and Clark family papers
The collection consists of the papers of various descendants of Jeremiah Root Brown (John Brown’s half-brother), including the Clow, Clark, Drake, and Hinsdale families.
Oliver O. Brown collection
Oliver O. Brown was John Brown's son. The collection consists of various holographs, copies, and transcriptions of Oliver O. Brown documents, including correspondence and deeds. The collection also includes a few original letters (from Oliver Brown) and various genealogical notes.
Brown Family Association reunion records
Harrison Bubb collection on the Western Reserve Academy controversy
This collection contains materials documenting the 1999-2000 Western Reserve Academy (Hudson, Ohio) building controversy. The Burton D. Morgan Foundation granted $6 million to the Western Reserve Academy, a co-educational preparatory and day school in Hudson, Ohio, for a new administration building to be named for Burton D. Morgan. This building was to be built on a section of land, that Harrison Bubb contested was to remain untouched based on stipulations given by the Baldwin family when they donated land to the academy. Mr. Bubb, with the support of some WRA alumni and Hudson residents began a campaign to save the land. The academy chose not to build on the land and the foundation rescinded its offer. The building was eventually constructed and opened in 2004 on an adjoining section of land. Harrison Bubb collected and arranged these materials, thus contains his perspective of the issue.
Finding aid available online
William Bunnell & Co. account book
Account book of William Bunnell & Co., very likely a stage coach company, operating out of Hudson, Ohio.
Finding aid available online
Anne Hopkins Burnham collection
Photographs, personal correspondence, manuscripts, pamphlets, records and letters of Anne Hopkins Burnham (1929-1993), an architect, historian, and artist known for drawings and needlepoint. Burnham was also active with preservation and restoration efforts throughout the community. The collection consists primarily of Burnham's photographs of Hudson homes, buildings, structures, and events
Finding aid available online
James Caccamo (The Story of Hudson, Ohio)
Jerome Taylor collection on canals
Alice Munson Case receipt book
Handwritten recipe book belonging to Hudson, Ohio, resident Alice (Allie) Munson Case (1858-1889).
Finding aid available online
Lora Case reminiscence
Lora Case's personal reminiscences about his life in and around Hudson from 1814-1897.
Finding aid available online
Case-Barlow Farm bicentennial papers
A collection of various articles, papers, manuscripts and ephemera associated with the Case-Barlow Farm Inc and associated families.
Finding aid available online
Hudson cemeteries papers
Christ Church, Episcopal (Hudson, Ohio) papers
Alonzo Church family papers
Civil Defense Committee papers
Cleveland and Pittsburgh Railroad Company (Akron Branch) logs
Log book detailing up freight transactions of the Akron Branch of the Cleveland and Pittsburgh Railroad Company for the town of Hudson, Ohio.
Finding aid available online
Cleveland and Twinsburgh Plank Road (Hudson Branch) stock share book
Stock share book for the Cleveland and Twinsburgh Plank Road Company kept by Secretary John Markillie. Book was later repurposed as a scrapbook by the Read family.
Finding aid available online
Curtis family papers
Correspondence, legal documents, application forms, photographs, and scrapbooks of the Curtis family. William Eleroy Curtis was a graduate of Western Reserve College (Hudson, Ohio).
Finding aid available online
Spencer Dudley Corlett diaries
Travel diaries of Hudson, Ohio, resident Spencer Dudley Corlett. The diaries chronicle his canoe trip up the Ohio and Erie Canal and three canoe trips in Canada.
Finding aid available online
Harry H. Darrow diaries
Diaries of Harry H. Darrow (1863-1944), a Darrowville farmer.
Finding aid available online
Daughters of the American Revolution, David Hudson Chapter records
Kathleen Cooper Dautel papers
Papers of Kathleen Cooper Dautel who lived most of her life in Hudson, Ohio and was known throughiyt the community as a florist with her family business, Coopers Flowers.
Finding aid available online
Henry Noble and Jane Day correspondence
Henry Noble Day, professor of theology at Western Reserve College, and Jane Day discussing daily life in Hudson, Ohio.
Finding aid available online
Discussion Club (Hudson, Ohio) papers
Records of the Discussion Club of Hudson, Ohio, group that met regularly to discuss books and current events.
Finding aid available online
Luella Crawford Dodds papers
Papers of Luella Crawford Dodds, a lifelong resident of Hudson, Ohio. Luella Dodds was an assistant to local town benefactor James W. Ellsworth and also served on the Board of the Hudson Library & Historical Society for more than 60 years.
Finding aid available online
Gertrude W. Donahey papers
A small collection of papers regarding the life of Gertrude W. Donahey. It does not include her personal papers.
Finding aid available online
Doncaster Funeral Home papers
Funeral registers and financial records of the Doncaster Funeral Home of Hudson, Ohio.
Finding aid available online
The Eight and Forty, Summit County Salon No. 165
This collection contains the records for the Hudson, Ohio, Division of Eight and Forty, an organization dedicated to the prevention, education, and control of children's diseases.
Finding aid available online
Patricia Eldredge papers
This collection contains records for the Hudson Heritage Association (HHA) historical preservation efforts in Hudson. Eldredge was a member of the HHA review board. Much of this collection includes Eldredge's report and research, notes and news paper clippings as they relate to the HHA preservation efforts. Also included is research material for Eldredge's book, Square Dealers.
C. F. Elliman appointment books and logs
Appointment books and logs of C. F. Elliman, Hudson Township (Ohio) zoning inspector.
Finding aid available online
Collection on Virginia Ellis
Collected materials about Hudson, Ohio, artist Virginia Ellis, including photographs, newspaper articles, and remembrances of her life written by her friends.
Finding aid available online
Benjamin Excell papers
Guy Garman papers
Papers of Guy Garman, former mayor of Hudson.
Finding aid available online
George W. Gaylord letters
Two letters written by George W. Gaylord, a Civil War soldier from Hudson, Ohio, during his time in the service.
Finding aid available online
Clarence S. Gee collection on John Brown
Clarence S. Gee (1885-1975) was the former pastor of the First Congregational Church of Hudson and premier scholar on John Brown. He spent more than 50 years researching and collecting material on John Brown. This collection includes all of Gee's extensive research and writings.
George H. and Alice A. Gott papersFinding aid available online
Green plan collection
Brochure, background, videocassette and audio presentation about the Hudson Green Plan.
Beriah Green papers
The collection consists of the journals and published works of Beriah Green, an abolitionist clergyman and faculty member of Western Reserve Academy in Hudson, Ohio.
Greeting card collectionFinding aid available online
Ellsworth & Buss daybook
Account book for the Ellsworth & Buss store, once operated in Hudson, Ohio.
Finding aid available online
Ellsworth, Forbush, and Boyd family papers
Papers of the Ellsworth, Forbush, and Boyd families of Hudson, Ohio.
Finding aid available online
William A. Ellsworth Papers
This collection includes genealogical materials on the Ellsworth family including family correspondence, photos, and a family scrapbook containing photographs and other Hudson newspaper clippings. Also included are estate records of William Adelbert and his father William Buell Ellsworth, and assorted certificates and diplomas of William James Ellsworth. Of importance are William Adelbert Ellsworth's School records, containing photographs and report cards from Hudson High School and Hudson postmaster correspondence and photographs.
Finding aid available online
Emma Hagenbaugh diaries
Establishment Club (Hudson, Ohio) records
The collection is primarily comprised of articles, minutes, and newsletters of The Establishment Club, a social organization in Hudson, Ohio.
Finding aid available online
Farrar family papers
The Farrar family papers include financial papers and the genealogies of the Farrar and Nutting families.
Finding aid available online
First Congregational Church (Hudson, Ohio) records
Correspondence, deeds, notes, ledgers and other documents of the First Congregational Church (1802-1837) and the Free Congregational Church (1842-1849) in Hudson, Ohio.
Finding aid available online
Flood Company records
The records of the Flood Company of Hudson, Ohio, include financial documents, photographs, publicity materials, publications, and documents on the history of the Flood family and the company, especially the creation and development of their most noted product Penetrol.
Finding aid available online
Franklin Album
Album consists of 53 photos of Hudson natives and relations taken in the mid to late 1800s.
Friends of YDC records
Records of the Friends of YDC, a volunteer organization that offered tutoring and other support services for residents of the former Youth Development Center in Hudson, Ohio.
Finding aid available online
Rev. William Hanford papers
Jessie A. Harper papers
This collection primarily includes materials pertaining to the First Congregational Church in Hudson, Ohio, as well as photographs of James and Jessie Harper. Also part of this collection is a day book of entries when Jessie was visiting England from 1900-1902.
Finding aid available online
Hastings Society of Hudson records
Constitution, bylaws, members, and minutes of the Hastings Society of Hudson, a choral society in Hudson, Ohio.
Finding aid available online
Hayes and Hermann families papers
Historic houses and architecture
Mary Holden Dawes Ellsworth notebook
Notebook belonging to Mrs. Mary Dawes Ellsworth (1811-1894) of Hudson, Ohio.
Hudson, Ohio, Township and Village records
Hudson, Ohio, Village Council minutes
Minutes of the Hudson, Ohio Village Council.
Finding aid available online
Hudson American Legion Auxilliary Records
This collection contains the records from the Hudson American Legion Auxiliary Records.
Hudson Bandstand Committee scrapbooks
Scrapbooks containing programs, photographs, and newspaper clippings documenting the Hudson Summer Music festival from 1994-2004.
Finding aid available online
Hudson Club records
Secretary's record book of the Hudson Club, a local social, philanthropic, and literary club in Hudson, Ohio.
Finding aid available online
Hudson Community Playground
Collection of mainly consists of newspaper articles, ephemera and photos pertaining to the planning and construction of the Hudson Community Playground.
Hudson Concert Series Association records
The publicity, correspondence and programs for the Hudson Concert Series Association for the decade between 1959-1969.
Finding aid available online
Hudson Cornet Band records
A volume containing the records of the Hudson Cornet Band, the first band in Hudson, Ohio. The records include bylaws, constitutions, and minutes.
Finding aid available online
Hudson Encores records
The collection consists of three scrapbooks containing pictures, programs, and press releases along with personal letters and information about the Hudson Encores, an all-female singing group, of Hudson, Ohio.
Finding aid available online
Hudson Explorers Soccer Team records
The collection consists of information regarding Hudson High School soccer program. Includes season breakdowns and game strategies, programs, videos of games, score books and various other information.
Finding aid available online
Hudson family papers
Hudson Fire Department records
Records of the Hudson, Ohio, Fire Department, including meeting minutes, roll calls, bylaws, and records of fires and alarms.
Finding aid available online
Hudson Garage Company account book
Account book for The Hudson Garage Company, an automobile supplies, accessories and storage company, in Hudson, Ohio.
Finding aid available online
Hudson Garden Club papers
Hudson Genealogical Study Group papers
Hudson Handicrafters papers
Papers, photographs and ephemera from the Hudson Handicrafters organization.
Finding aid available online
Hudson Heritage Association records
Hudson Home Day Association minutes and register
Minutes and register book for the Hudson Home Day Association.
Finding aid available online
Hudson Jolly Club minutes
The minutes of the Hudson Jolly Club, a men's social club, from 1887-1889.
Finding aid available online
Hudson League for Service scrapbooks
Hudson Library & Historical Society records
Records of the Hudson Library & Historical Society.
Finding aid available online
Friends of the Hudson Library & Historical Society records
Hudson Montessori School records
This collection, spanning from 1960 to present, consist of materials pertaining to the Hudson Montessori School in Hudson, Ohio. The collection includes Board of Trustees minutes, correspondence, event materials, yearbooks, administrative materials, and financial records. An extensive group of photographs makes the largest portion of the collection, which is also supplemented by audio-visual materials.
Finding aid available online
Hudson Newcomers Club records
Hudson Parent-Teacher Association records
Hudson Park Board records
Hudson pioneers collection
Hudson Players records
Bylaws, production guide, and programs of the Hudson Players, a local theater group.
Finding aid available online
Hudson Preschool Parents records
Hudson (Ohio). Police Department photographs
Photographs of the Hudson Police Department, which include images of traffic accidents and crime scene investigations (mainly burglaries and house fires).
Finding aid available online
Hudson Schools programs collection
Hudson Schools collection
Hudson Senior Citizens records
Hudson Senior Citizens organization records including scrapbooks, clippings, notes, photographs, and membership lists.
Finding aid available online
Hudson Water Department records
Correspondence, financial materials, reports, drawings, and other records of the Board of Public Affairs, Water Department of Hudson, Ohio.
Finding aid available online
Hudson Yacht Club records
Records of the Hudson Yacht Club that detail the organization’s activities from its creation in 1989 to 1995.
Finding aid available online
David Hudson papers
Hudson-Baldwin Papers, 1802-1914
This is a collection of papers that were primarily those of Harvey Baldwin. He retained many of the business papers of David Hudson as his son-in-law and business successor in his law firm. The bulk of information retained is from 1820-1849. And includes several noteworthy county specific records for Geauga, Medina, Portage and Summit Counties (land transfers, tax receipts, election results). Also in the collection are family correspondence dating 1850-1914, genealogical research done by the donor and a small leather pouch.
Finding aid available online
Humphrey family papers
The personal and professional papers of Humphrey, Crosley, Pease, Whedon families.
Grace Goulder Izant papers
Jenkins family papers
Correspondence and other papers of the Jenkins family of Hudson, Ohio.
Finding aid available online
Alice Johnson "Musical Chairs on Main Street, Hudson, Ohio," collection
Collection of materials (primarily photographs) compiled by Hudson resident Alice Johnson used in preparation of her book, "Musical Chairs on Main Street, Hudson, Ohio," published in 1979.
Finding aid available online
Dorothy "Flit" Jones papers
Papers of Dorothy "Flit" Jones, active in the historic preservation research of Hudson, Ohio.
Finding aid available online
Helen Kitzmiller scrapbook on Wester Souburg
Scrapbooks documenting Hudson's involvement in assisting the town of Wester-Souburg, Holland, after floods damaged the town during World War II.
Finding aid available online
Kiwanis Club of Hudson papers
Ladies Aid Society for Relief of Sick and Wounded Soldiers papers
Records of the Ladies Aid Society (Hudson, Ohio), an organization of women in Hudson who provided supplies to sick and wounded soldiers during the Civil War.
Ladies Cemetery Association records
Minute books, treasurer's books, records, photos, newspaper clippings, cemetery maps, burial records, and other documents of the Ladies Cemetery Association in Boston Heights, Ohio.
Finding Aid Available Online
Minnie L. MacDowell collection on Angelo Lavelli
Collection of research materials on Angelo Lavelli, a Hudson (Ohio) iron craftsman, compiled by Minnie L. MacDowell for the David Hudson Chapter of Questers.
Finding Aid Available Online
League of Women Voters records
Annual reports, board minutes, publications and other records of the League of Women Voters of Hudson.
E.E. Lewis and Grace Forbush record of deaths in Hudson, Ohio
Handwritten record of deaths kept and compiled by E.E. Lewis and later, Grace Forbush.
Tom Manthey papers
Lucy Markerly journal
Handwritten journal of Lucy Markerly (Markillie) (1771-1850) describing her journey from Lincolnshire, England, to the United States ("A Journal from Old England Towards America.")
Markillie family papers
Martha Marsh papers
Primarily personal correspondence between Martha Marsh and various pen pals. Marsh is also the originator of much of the American Legion and Auxiliary collection.
Mayor's Court (Hudson, Ohio) dockets
Records kept by Hudson mayors spanning the years 1849-1957 detailing names of people who committed minor offenses or infractions.
Finding aid available online
Newton McCracken letters
A collection of World War II letters sent by Newton McCracken from the Pearl Harbor Naval Yard in Honolulu, Hawaii, to his parents in Ohio.
Finding aid available online
Shelby McMillion letters
This collection contains the World War II letters of Shelby A. McMillion, a Hudson resident who served in the United States Army Reserve during the war.
Finding aid available online
Merger collection *EAD Collection on the Merger of Hudson Village and Township*
Official documents, fliers, clippings, and other materials collected regarding the various proposals to merge the village and township of Hudson in the 1960s, 1980s, and 1990s.
Metcalf family papers
Papers belonging and pertaining to the Hudson Metcalf family.
George A. Miller papers
Papers of Hudson resident Dr. George Andrew Miller consisting of collected photographs of Hudson people and places and research on physicians of Hudson, Ohio.
George Andrew Miller scrapbooks on local Hudson, Ohio research
A collection of local history research compiled by Hudson physician George Andrew Miller, including a volume of the biographical information of Hudson physicians, along with an early image key and correspondence.
Ralph Willis Miner papers
The Ralph Willis Miner papers include letters, newspaper articles, photographs, programs, and publications that deal with issues of historic preservation and architecture in Hudson, Ohio, and Western Reserve Academy. It also includes letters from Miner during the time he served as tree commissioner.
Finding aid available online
William Moos photographs
A photograph scrapbook and loose photographs of houses and structures in Hudson, Ohio, created by William Moos (1919-1984), a painter, architect and founding member of the Hudson Heritage Association.
Finding aid available online
Nellie Morrell papers
This small collection primarily consists of genealogical information and materials relating to the Morrells. There are three letters addressed to the Hudson Historical Society relating to family materials donated to the library.
Finding aid available online
Edgar Nicely scorebook of the Hudson basketball team
Scorebook, likely kept by Edgar Nicely (1897-1971), for basketball games played by the Hudson, Ohio, basketball team.
Finding aid available online
Oviatt family papersFinding aid available online
For the Samuel Oviatt (1741-1818) branch, see the Dorothy Elizabeth Walker and Oviatt family papers
For the Heman Oviatt (1821-1895) branch, see the Heman Oviatt, Jr. (1821-1895) family papers
Heman Oviatt, Jr. (1821-1895) family papers

Personal papers of the Oviatt family, one of Hudson, Ohio's earliest pioneer families.
Finding aid available online
Isaac Quay account book
Account book of local Hudson, Ohio, shoemaker Isaac Quay (1808-1880).
Finding aid available online
Questers Club records
Read family papers
Papers of the Matthew C. Read family, a prominent family of early Hudson, Ohio.
Mrs. Matthew C. (Orissa) Read herbarium
The herbarium of Mrs. Matthew C. (Orissa) Read is a collection of preserved plant specimens. A floral painting and black and white drawings are also included. The collection was created while she attended Homer Academy in Homer, New York.
Richard Realf papers
Joan Drew Richings collection
Rideout family papers
Collected papers, artifacts, and photographs of the Rideout family of Hudson, Ohio.
Finding aid available online
Roach family papers
Horace Rogers Sketchbooks
Sketchbooks belonging to Horace Rogers, an artist from Hudson, Ohio.
Finding aid available online
Elizabeth Royon collection
S. Straight & Co. records
Records of the S. Straight & Co., a cheese and butter manufacturing company once based in Hudson, Ohio.
Finding aid available online
Sabin family papers
Sanford family papers
A collection of family deeds, property surveys, and papers pertaining to the Sanford family, who resided in homes on Aurora Street and Streetsboro Street in Hudson, Ohio.
Finding aid available online
Saywell family and business collection
Robert A. Seeley photograph collection
Photographs taken by Robert Seeley of people and places in Hudson, Ohio. Many of the photographs were taken for the local newspaper.
Finding aid available online
Simon family papers
Starr family papers
State Road Farm Women's Club
Tallmadge, Ohio papers
Terex collection
This collection contains documents related to the Euclid/Terex Company in Hudson, Ohio. The collection is divided into four series based on the originator of the records. These include the Hudson Planning Committee, the Euclid/Terex Company, the UAW Local 296, and local newspapers. Strengths of this collection include over 600 Euclid/Terex photographs, as well as the largest known collection of Terextra newsletters. The collection has grown over the past several years due to many donations.
Finding aid available online
Thompson family papers
The collection contains genealogical and biographical information about the Thompson family, one of the first families to settle Hudson in 1800.
Finding aid available online
Trowbridge family papers
Papers and books largely pertaining to the genealogy of the Trowbridge family of Hudson, Ohio, particularly the lineage of Daniel Trowbridge (1796-1881).
Veterans History Project collection
Oral histories and other materials of veterans and civilians of World War II, the Vietnam War, and the Korean War interviewed as part of the Veterans History Project of the American Folklife Center (Library of Congress) through the partner organization, Hudson Library & Historical Society.
Finding aid available online
Viers family papers
Nelson Waite autograph album
Autograph album belonging to Nelson D. Waite (1819-1904).
Dorothy Elizabeth Walker and Oviatt family papers

Papers of Dorothy Elizabeth Walker, a descendent of the Samuel Oviatt branch of the Oviatt family. The collection includes personal materials of Dorothy Elizabeth Walker and Oviatt family materials dating back to 1831.
Finding aid available online
James Watson and Albert Seldon family papers
Western Reserve Christian Church records
Minutes, financial records, bulletins, church registers, and other records of The First Christian Church, later renamed the Western Reserve Christian Church.
Finding aid available online
Western Reserve College papers
Western Reserve College catalogues
Papers, ephemera and publications relating to Western Reserve College in Hudson before the school's move to Cleveland in 1882.
Western Reserve School of Cooking records
Collected papers, recipes, and photographs from the Western Reserve School of Cooking of Hudson, Ohio
John B. Whedon account book
Account book of John B. Whedon (1807-1861) as Hudson, Ohio, postmaster.
Finding aid available online
Frank White journal
James Watson and Albert Seldon family papers
The collection consists primarily of William Wilder's personal correspondence while enlisted and serving in the Union Army (1861-1865).Finding aid available online
Woman's Christian Temperance Union of Hudson, Ohio records
Record book, mission statement, members, minutes, and pledge signatures of the Woman's Christian Temperance Union, an alcohol prohibition league of Hudson, Ohio.
Finding aid available online
Woman's Club (Hudson, Ohio) papers
This collection includes the yearly programs of the Hudson, Ohio Women's Club which include information like schedules of events, membership rolls, club by-laws, and constitution. The collection also includes literary papers written by members.
Clayton Eugene Woodworth papers
Correspondence, business documents, and photographs of Clayton Eugene Woodworth, a farmer, of Windham and Hudson, Ohio.
Finding aid available online
Hudson, Ohio, World War II papers
Elizur Wright publications
This collection contains publications by and about Elizur Wright, a faculty member of the Western Reserve College in Hudson, Ohio, and also known as "the father of life insurance." The publications focus on his work with the insurance industry.
Finding aid available online