Donating Your Materials

Thank you for your interest in donating to the Hudson Library & Historical Society. Please contact us for more information on donating your materials. All donations must have prior approval by the archivist and Executive Director. No drop offs donations will be accepted. Please see the library’s collecting & acquisition guidelines below.

Collecting & Acquisition Guidelines

The Archives of the Hudson Library & Historical Society collects and preserves materials that have ongoing value related specifically to the local history of Hudson, Ohio (except for genealogy print materials). The archives shall prioritize its collecting and preservation to the following areas:

  • Local history – materials that document the founding, history, and ongoing activities and functions of Hudson, Ohio; materials that document Hudson organizations, government, and individuals; and materials that relate to surrounding areas as they directly relate to Hudson.
  • John Brown – materials about John Brown and the family of John Brown, especially materials related to the Brown family’s activities while in Hudson, Ohio.
  • Genealogy – A selection of books and periodicals related to general genealogy is maintained using the same selection criteria as other print media.


Priority will be given to unpublished records and manuscripts, pamphlets, periodicals, photographs, audiovisual material, microfilm, and maps. Artifacts and other three-dimensional objects will be considered only if they relate to the history of Hudson or if they are particularly unique or have substantial informational or educational value that would directly benefit the community of Hudson for research, exhibit or other educational purposes.

The Hudson Library & Historical Society will only accept donations of materials that meet all of the following criteria:

  • The materials shall fall within the mission and purposes of the Hudson Library & Historical Society (as stated above).
  • The owner must have clear title to the materials and must sign a deed of gift transferring title to the Hudson Library & Historical Society.
  • Duplicate materials will replace a lesser example.
  • The materials must not be too expensive or difficult to process, preserve, or store at the Hudson Library & Historical Society.
  • Materials must not be in poor condition.
  • Materials must be made available to researchers without unnecessary copyright, privacy restrictions, or other restrictions.
  • Materials must be legally transferred to the library via a deed of gift agreement rather than put on deposit or temporary loan. The Library Director must approve all deposits or temporary loans. A Terms of Loan Agreement must accompany all deposits and temporary loans.