Old Hudson Township Burying Ground

Final resting place for many early Hudson settlers

Prior to 1808, there was a cemetery that was just south of the original green that had problems with flooding, which led citizens to appeal to David Hudson about establishing a new final resting place. A location off Chapel Street was chosen. David Hudson and Mary Hudson gifted the land to be a public burying ground with the deed dated on July 6, 1829. Around 200 people are buried in this cemetery and is the final resting place for many the early settlers including David Hudson, Owen Brown and Benjamin Whedon. The first burial in 1808 was Ruth Mills Brown, John Brown‘s mother, and the last burial was Elizabeth Thompson in 1900. 

Other additional facts about the Old Township Burying Ground (Chapel Street Cemetery): the oldest person here is Stephen Thompson Sr. who was born in 1733, almost a third of the names recorded in 1921 were of children under the age of 10, twenty five people buried here were born in the 18th century, and it is the final resting place for several Revolutionary War and War of 1812 soldiers.

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